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Here to deliver some Bad Luck.
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I've got plushie/figurine photos, my sister's drawings and more!! Please enjoy my gallery!!^o^:w00t:


I approve a lot of things..:'D
Well it's that time yet again! For people who wish to be featured again, fill in the blank spaces of the bottom paragraph with any words you wish:

Nappa: Vegeta, what does your ____ say about his ____ level?!
Vegeta: It's Over _____!!!
Nappa:What ____?! There no way that could be ___!! There's no way he's ____ than me! Raghhhh!!! 
Vegeta: No wait Nappa! I had my ____ upside down! It's Over _____. _____.
Nappa: Why do you sound so ____?!
Vegeta: Because it's still not a _____.
1.:iconspideecartoon:The ocean by SpideecartoonT.V room by Spideecartoon
Generous donator with epic drawings
2.:iconanne1956:Love by anne1956Shipblu by anne1956
Generous donator with awesome 3d work
3.:iconanthonydavila:super villain team Doodle (wip) by AnthonyDavilaHALO Doodle by AnthonyDavila
Genrous donator with epic fanart
4.:iconven3215:The  Sphpinx  Hotel a bit of Egypt in Geelong by Ven3215Geelong Carousel Pavilion by Ven3215
Generous donator with awesome photography
5.:iconcyberteddy:Hachisuka's OC by CyberTeddyFeeva by CyberTeddy
Generous donator with epic fanart
6.:iconmikitheaussie:Request Oc Trio by mikitheaussieDaaaaaaaaarn,  You Tough Kid! by mikitheaussie
Best works: Epic drawings
7.:iconryuseitheferret:Bubbles the Froakie Bio by Ryuseitheferret
Bets works: Awesome collabs
8.:iconyoaifangirl1:Boggle(edited) by yoaifangirl1Dr.Robo Crok(shiny and glowing eyes) by yoaifangirl1
Best works: Awesome drawings
9.:iconhyprbmxarts:hehue by HYPRBMXARTSsonic by HYPRBMXARTSsonic by HYPRBMXARTSJason by HYPRBMXARTS
Best works: Epic drawings
10.:iconkowa-chan:<da:thumb id="527527208"/>Luka Megurine Break Free by kowa-chan
Best works: Awesome drawings
11.:iconfuzzyseals344:Stampy by fuzzyseals344Espeon run Icon!!!!!!!!!! by fuzzyseals344
Best works: Epic drawings/icons
12.:iconkoutap:Hand Drawing by KoutaPI Tried to Draw Eminem by KoutaP
Best works: Epic manga drawings
13.:iconnekowriiter: Imaginative      School, chores, sleep.  School, chores, sleep.  It gets old after awhile, but what can I do about it?  Mother comes home precisely at 11:15.  By then, dinner must be done, dishes washed, homework finished, and living room exactly how I left it.  The TV seemed repeat perfectly too.  The old Teen Titans episodes when I got home at 3:00, the same Fruits Basket episode that has been playing for the past three years at 4:30, and the Harry Potter marathon until 1:00.  It's kinda ironic.  While most kids struggle with bullies or stress, I almost crave for that kind of excitement just to make it interesting.
      The Lake Vic High School was nothing like the schools you see on TV.  The teachers were all well mannered and the hallways were almost dead silent in between classes.  Most people (including me) had just above average grades while the others were either flunking or drop-outs.
Character Story Test    The small town of St. Ives was a rather peaceful town with approximately 150 residents. At least, that's what I've heard about it. As a child, I had never been given the place a gander. The remaining memories I have mostly consist of silhouettes.  A woman's soft hand brushing back my untamable curls and a tall man's shadow above my crib.  Though my memories may be hazy, my last day in St. Ivs is one I remember clearly.
    "Blast!  Those barmy pirates are at it again!"
    "Belt up, Oliver!  You're bein' a wobblin' fool!"
    The yelling, begging, and grinding metal all mixed into a harmonizing chaos.  Yet the most dreadful part was the silence that had came after.  
    "You're arse over elbow!  There's no way we can escape!"
    There were other children down the street screaming; running away to n

Best works: Awesome literature
14.:iconshuning15:Buildings in NY by shuning15New York City by shuning15
Best works: Awesome photography
15.:iconleverayne:<da:thumb id="529213186"/>Swaying/Yurayura by Leverayne
Best works: Cute fanarts
16.:iconh-u-g-g-a-b-l-e:Domo Perler Beads by H-U-G-G-A-B-L-EBragg Creek by H-U-G-G-A-B-L-E
Best works: Awesome bead work/photography
17.:iconsuezn:Let It go! by sueznRobin Secrets by suezn
Generous donator with awesome photography
18.:iconkillinator:Chris Redfield, you are an Genius... by KillinatorThe Right Neighborhood by Killinator
Best works: Awesome fanarts
19.:iconlove-dogs8:Might be my new style by love-dogs8Manga girl by love-dogs8
Generous donator with cute drawings
20.:iconaneurysmguy:Curious by AneurysmGuyTall Blue by AneurysmGuy
Generous donator with awesome photography
21.:iconthuynguyen13:Miranda by ThuyNguyen13Cover by ThuyNguyen13
Generous donator with cute fanarts
22.:iconmaximumride93:Karthus by MaximumRide93Squirtle by MaximumRide93
Best works: Epic fanarts
23.:iconglitchkat:Here's a llama, there's a llama by GlitchKatMudkip Plushie! by GlitchKat
Generous donator with awesome photos
24.:iconjharris5398:a sketch of sonic by jharris5398My dogs by jharris5398
Generous donator with awesome fanarts/photos
25.:iconwanderingmogwai:Theridion... #2 by WanderingMogwaiMarch Fly by WanderingMogwai
Generous donator with epic insect photography
26.:iconverequinn:Team Fortress 2 - Soldier by VereQuinnJoker: Update by VereQuinn
Generous donator with awesome fanarts
27:iconbyakkowestguardian:Psycho Pass Dominator Gun by ByakkoWestGuardianPrairie Dog by ByakkoWestGuardian
Generous donator with awesome crafts/photography
28.:iconcrematia18:We've Got Company! 24 - 7.8.15 - Frog Friends by Crematia18Just For Fun 35 - 7.8.15 - Lazy Lilypads by Crematia18
Generous donator with epic photography
29.:iconkrysalkasi:Like a brother by KrysalKasiPokeSpe Counterpart - LoZ Cosplay by KrysalKasi
Generous donator with awesome fanarts
30.:iconforbidden-hanyou:Rider + Horse WIP 5 by Forbidden-HanyouBG Secret WIP 2 by Forbidden-Hanyou
Best works: Awesome drawings
31.:icondyanova:Twitter by DyanovaWaze by Dyanova
Generous donator with awesome icons
32.:iconcrematia18:Canines - Golden Retriever - 8.6.15 by Crematia18'Angel Wings' Begonias - 8.6.15 by Crematia18
Generous donator with epic photography
33.:iconkumiko-moon:Rin~! Vocaloid by Kumiko-MoonEnju by Kumiko-Moon
Generous donator with cute fanarts
34.:iconsaitoxnetto:Nyan nya~ (RQ) by SaitoxNettoShizu-chan by SaitoxNetto
Generous donator with cute anime drawings
35.:icontangyify:DIPPERRRRR by TangyifyMy dog :3 by Tangyify
Generous donator with awesome photography/drawings
36.:iconitoonzelink24:My ToonLink doll by IToonZelink24Loz Zelda Wii H Forest Temple by IToonZelink24
Geenrous donato with awesome photos/fanarts
37.:iconlarryandlemmykoopa:Little Lloyd Garmadon by LarryandLemmyKoopaTop mini for collab by LarryandLemmyKoopa
Best works: Awesome drawings
38.:iconblackcatshadow234:Markighoul by Blackcatshadow234Colorful Smile and colorful life by Blackcatshadow234
Generous donator with epic drawings
39.:iconcrematia18:False Roselle 1b by Crematia18Rooster1 lzn by Crematia18
Generous donator with awesome photography
40.:iconmrcool8008:Peppermint girl by mrcool8008My Rapneon Dige by mrcool8008
Generous donator with awesome adoptables
41.:iconsirplough:Cook by SirploughSpiral Branch by Sirplough
Best works: Awesome photos


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